Join the Water Revolution

Forge a legacy that your people will be proud to be part of.

Global warming, rising sea levels, and large-scale microplastic pollution… The fate of our world’s oceans and water supply has reached a tipping point.

The decisions we make now, as a global population, will determine the state of our planet for millennia.

Those crucial decisions are being made today, by businesses like yours. You have the chance to lead from the front, ensuring your organisation – and its people are part of the solution.

How are microplastics affecting the planet?

While issues like global warming and rising sea levels have an immeasurable effect on our future, our focus is the startling levels of microplastics in our world’s water.

There are an estimated 51 trillion microplastics in the ocean. There are fewer stars than in the Milkyway.

By 2050, the amount of plastic could outweigh the amount of fish in the ocean.

One-third of fish caught for food now contain plastic (and we still don’t know what impact this has on the body).

83% of drinking water samples taken globally have been found to contain plastic.

    Statistics like these might suggest that the damage is already done, but there are actions we can take that can create real, powerful change.

     So how can you be part of making the world (and its water) a better place?

    What is the Water Revolution?

    We’re inciting a Water Revolution. You no longer need to rely on harmful, single-use plastic bottles to enjoy healthy, high-quality mineral water served just the way you and your employees like it.

    LUQEL was created with the intention of reducing the global annual consumption of plastic bottles by 5 billion from 2026.

    But we can’t do it alone. As a business, we know that you prioritise your people and their place not only in your community, but the world as well.

    Put the power to help save the world’s oceans back in their hands – by enjoying delicious, completely sustainable mineral water.

    Benefits to business

    Look, while it’s important to do the right thing for its own sake, what’s wrong with there being a few more incentives to help save our oceans?


    The LUQEL Hydrosystem removes any need for single-use plastic bottles. That means fewer microplastics entering our oceans thanks to your organisation’s innovations.

    Fewer plastic bottles mean reduced global production, transportation and waste. As your carbon footprint shrinks, you can measure your CO2 impact reduction with real-time data.

    Keep up to speed on how much water your staff are enjoying and how many plastic bottles that equates to. Promote yourselves as an eco-friendly organisation tackling plastic pollution.


    Sustainable water should still be satisfying. Enjoy delicious mineral hydration with over 30 curated water recipes, temperature control and choice of carbonation.

    Offer your employees an elevated, intelligent hydration experience. Support their wellbeing and workplace performance with personalised hydration technology.

    Enjoy completely clean water free from microplastics, bacteria and pollutants, dispensed from our sophisticated, auto-sanitising LUQEL Water Station.


    Forget the fridge full of complimentary mineral water in a plastic bottle. Offer your staff and guests something bespoke to their tastes and save money on logistics.

    Save your people time with sophisticated dispensers that fill a bottle full of ice-cold water as quickly as a cup of piping hot herbal tea. Bye-bye, staff kitchen kettle.

    No more popping out for a bottle of mineral water. Staff have everything they need with LUQEL – and all you need is a kitchen tap and a water supply to make it happen.