Hydrate on the go

Stay hydrated whether you’re out for a run or running for the train

Commuting to the office or killing it on the cross-trainer? The LUQEL intelligent water system is expanding to fulfil all of your hydration needs.

And this time, it’s personal.



Fill up at conveniently placed LUQEL dispensers nationwide, from gyms to train platforms

Feel-good factor

Support sustainability and counteract single-use plastic bottles with your LUQEL Bottle

Monitor your wellbeing

Your LUQEL Water Balancer App monitors your intake and reminds you when it’s time to hydrate

Never forget your favourites

Design and store your favourite water combos in the app without needing to remember recipes

Your bottle,
your way

Sip from your intelligent, NFC-equipped bottle that’s uniquely attuned to you and your intake

Why plastic bottles should be a thing of the past

In the past you needed to buy a plastic bottle to enjoy crisp, clean mineral water on the go, but times are changing.
Why is it so important to prioritise putting plastic bottles behind us?

Microplastic menace

90% of branded plastic bottled water contains microplastics

What a waste

7.7 billion plastic water bottles used in the uk each year

Times are changing

36% of people regularly carry a reusable water bottle with them


While there are other ways to top up your reusable bottle, there are concerns that come with accessing water from less than 100 percent reliable sources. The two big worries are:

“What’s in my Water?”

When you’re topping up from a tap that doesn’t have a rigorous filtration process, you might get more than you bargained for in your reusable bottle.

Particles such as sand, algae, or microplastics

Inorganic compounds and heavy metals, from calcium and carbonate, to potassium and phosphate

Organic compounds like sugar substitutes, pesticides, and pharmaceutical ingredients.

While many of us are lucky enough to have access to tap water that’s relatively clean, it’s unlikely to be free of other potentially harmful pollutants.

“Where did I get my water from?”

Without a reliable water dispenser like the LUQEL Water Station, it’s impossible to rule out the threat of cross-contamination.

Is the dispenser and/or nozzle clean? Is the area around it clean to the touch? Is there limescale build-up? Did the last person to touch it wash their hands beforehand?

When you’re filling up at fountains or public faucets, you’ll always question what you might be putting in your body. With a LUQEL Water Station, you never need to ask.


The possibilities

Enjoy delicious mineralised water that is personalised to you

Choose from thousands of water recipe combinations and tweak to your exact taste

Stay perfectly hydrated with the Water Balancer App and intelligent Water Bottle

The reassurance

Protect yourself from harmful impurities and contaminants

Rely on built-in self-cleaning technology with automatic disinfection

Avoid cross-contamination with anti-viral screen protection

The contribution

Enjoy locally sourced tap water as a delicious mineral beverage

Shrink your carbon footprint by ditching plastic bottles for good

A 500ml plastic bottle of water has on average a carbon footprint of 82.9g