Hydrate in HORECA & Leisure

Elevate your guest’s experience
as you ensure their safety

Sanitation and safety are at the top of everyone’s priority list. The LUQEL Water Station’s hydro hygiene technology protects consumers from harmful microplastics and all water-borne bacteria, pollutants and contaminants.

The magic of mineral water

Are you the type to need a glass of water with dinner? If so, you’re likely doing your digestion a favour. Drinking water during or after a meal helps to break down food so the body can more readily absorb nutrients.

But that’s not the only benefit of  drinking good quality mineral water.

Calcium contributes to healthy teeth and strong bones. Magnesium is known to fend off common grips like constipation. Potassium helps facilitate the elimination of waste in the body.

Offer your guests, clients and staff complimentary mineral water according to their taste and preference. What better way to show how much you care?

How temperature affects taste

Temperature plays a big part in how we experience taste.

Depending on the dish, water needs to be at a specific temperature to bring out the best flavour of the meal it’s accompanying.

  • Pair a glass of chilled water (below 15°C) or a cup of hot tea (above 75°C) with a meal and sweet, savoury and bitter flavours will be weaker.
  • Pair room temperature mineral water (between 15-35°C), and sweet, savoury and bitter flavours will be amplified.

 Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a popular restaurant, elevate your guests’ culinary experiences by tailoring the temperature of their mineral  to perfection.

Exceptional hydration for better performance

The body can lose several litres of water during a one-hour period of exercise. To avoid dehydration, you need to drink water before, during and after exercise, but what exactly does that look like?

 1. Sip 500-550ml of water at least one hour before your workout

2 . Drink 250ml 30 minutes before you start

3. Once you begin, try to drink 250-300ml for every 10 to 20 minutes of exercise

4. Cool down with 250ml within at least 30 minutes after a workout

 The LUQEL Water Balancer App and Water Bottle are part of an intelligent eco-system that alerts users when to hydrate and when to fill up again.

 Offer your guests the best way to reach the peak of physical fitness through smart hydration.



Offer guests a bespoke water experience that suits their exact tastes

LUQEL Water Station caters for any activity, from exercising to dining

Elevate your menu with water pairings that enrich guests’ dining experiences


Protect consumers from harmful impurities and contaminants

Rely on built-in self-cleaning technology with automatic disinfection

Avoid cross-contamination with anti-viral screen protection


Reduce your CO2 footprint by cutting out costly, unsustainable bottled water.

Measure your eco-impact reduction with real-time data collection

Position yourself as a green company taking its CSR seriously