Hydrate at Work

Empower your staff to stay healthy, hydrated, and reaching peak performance

To get the best from the people you lead, you need to prioritise their health and wellbeing. So why not start with elevating the basics?

With the LUQEL water hydrosystem, your people can enjoy delicious, locally sourced, mineral water direct from the staff kitchen.

Prioritise your people

Forget the fridge full of plastic bottled beverages – offer your staff the opportunity to dive into an immersive world of intelligent hydration.

With 30 artisanal water recipes, three carbonation settings, and any degree between steaming hot to super chilled to choose from, there’s something for everyone.

What’s in your bottled water?

3 Billion litres of mineral water is sold in the UK each year (1), despite the fact that a single bottle is 500 times more expensive than what
comes out of the tap (2).

It seems that many people in the UK’s workforce want to enjoy the benefit of healthy hydration. However, it’s not always clear what is in the bottle (even after you look at the label).  

What does “Natural Mineral Water” mean?

The water comes from a named underground source. Consistent minerals such as magnesium and potassium are likely to be listed in the bottle.

What does “Spring Water” mean?

Spring water is bottled from a named source. Mineral content can change over time and as such, don’t have to be listed on the bottle

What does “Mountain Water” mean?

Otherwise known as “Table Water” this kind of water can be from any source, including the nearest tap if you’re in the UK.

While bottled water often seems like the smarter, healthier choice, you’re not always guaranteed to be drinking what you think you are.

 LUQEL’s intelligent hydrosystem ensures that you have total control over what fills up your bottle, from mineral content to taste preference.

How do you achieve peak hydration?

Did you know that 43% of the working population do not drink enough water each day (3)? You can help your people unlock their full potential in the work space and stay healthy by empowering them to drink enough throughout the day.


Thirst is not a warning sign that dehydration is about to occur; by that time, you’re already dehydrated. In order to avoid it, you must drink little and often, rather than trying to catch up with a glass of water in your lunch break.

Avoid performance lag

Even a one percent loss of fluid has a negative effect on mental and physical function, which is particularly noticeable at work. Dehydration can also cause disruptions in mood and cognitive functioning such as concentration, alertness and short-term memory.

Bodies are 60% water

To maintain our health and wellbeing, we need to consume a certain amount of water to survive. A two percent loss of the body’s water weight (approximately 1.5 litres) can result in a decrease of endurance and limitation of mental performance.



Give staff the option of a bespoke water experience that suits their exact tastes.

Choose from thousands of recipe combinations and adjust to your taste.

Unlock peak performance with the Water Balancer App and Bottle.


Protect your people from harmful impurities and contaminants.

Rely on built-in self-cleaning technology with automatic disinfection.

Avoid cross-contamination with anti-viral screen protection.


Reduce your CO2 footprint by cutting out costly, unsustainable bottled water.

Measure your eco-impact reduction with real-time data collection.

Position yourself as a green company taking CSR seriously.

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