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LUQEL water dispenser sustainability

Sustainably sourced mineral water

Mains fed system that removes all impurities. Using a local water source.

Reduced carbon footprint

No transportation, storage, disposal or waste from pre-bottled water.

removing single-use bottles

No need for pre-bottled water, one system that caters for all taste preferences, smart re-usable bottles to fill up.

Measure your eco-IMPACT

Calculate your eco-impact with a personalised dashboard that tracks all water dispensed.

Microplastics in the ocean


On average it takes 82.8g of carbon emission to produce a 500ml plastic bottle of water.

If you look at the whole chain from the production of plastic bottles, their transport to the bottler at the source, the subsequent transport to different countries, then the whole ecological madness of our consumer behaviour is revealed.

There is a better way to source sustainable mineralised water, that hasn’t travelled the world and hasn’t got the huge environmental impact.

Sustainable Mineralised Water | Luqel water revolution


Partner with LUQEL in helping to clean up the oceans, whilst ensuring your people enjoy great tasting water, and support them to better health through improved hydration.

carbon footprint of drinking water

Carbon footprint of water

The UK generates as a country approximately, 5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year, which includes 7.7 billion ‘single-use’ plastic bottles. Find out why this is such a big issue when you take in to account the carbon footprint of producing that bottle, then the 450+ years it takes to decompose as waste.

Buy LUQEL water dispenser

Partnering Options

Purchase, Lease or Pay-Per-Use

Purchase a LUQEL dispenser outright and add a valuable asset and resource to your workplace.

Spread your payments with a LUQEL dispenser by leasing.

Pay depending on what you are using with Pay-per-use.

All contract options have a service and maintenance programme, including a bi-annual system service, filter exchange, mineral replenishment, and parts and labour.