Digitally enhanced servicing

We monitor your water station remotely – improving first-time fix rates, reducing downtime, giving you the reassurance of optimal performance.

The new era of service and maintenance

The new era of service and maintenance

service and maintenance water dispenser


We will provide you with everything you need to know about our system, how it works, connecting devices, mineral exchange, there’s plenty to talk about.

How-to-guides and user guides are provided and a member of the team will be on hand when the system is first installed to ensure you are ready to go.

Industry leading standards

Leading the way with remote diagnostics

The real-time connected water station enables our engineers and customer service teams to remotely diagnose issues with your water dispenser, improving first-time fix rates and reducing call out times, enabling many issues to be resolved via the phone or online.

How our system helps you

How our system helps you

Self-cleaning functionality

Automated system flushing – maintaining excellent bacterial control within the water station. UV-C light technology and anti-microbial coating eliminates bacteria from the touchscreen and dispense nozzle.

water quality Monitoring system

Monitoring the quality of the mains water supply and ensuring optimum filter performance and mineral dosing to deliver great tasting water.

Real time data collection

Data is collected on every single dispense. It accurately predicts when filters are reaching their exchange point and monitors the levels of the mineral salts.

How we help you

How we help you

Bi-annual full system sanitisation

Twice a year our highly skilled engineers will deliver a full system clean and health check. Even when your machine is running at optimum performance, it’s important to us to provide the very best service.

WATER QUALITY filter exchange

To ensure the best quality water, we change filters dependant on water usage. Not time frames. This helps to keep filters at peak performance. Even if it means changing them after two weeks.

Remote diagnostics & repairs

Our dedicated team will monitor all system performance in a data dashboard, giving you peace of mind that your system is running perfectly. But if there is an issue, we will know about it.

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Partnering Options

Purchase, Lease or Pay-Per-Use

Purchase a LUQEL dispenser outright and add a valuable asset and resource to your workplace.

Spread your payments with a LUQEL dispenser by leasing.

Pay depending on what you are using with Pay-per-use.

All contract options have a service and maintenance programme, including a bi-annual system service, filter exchange, mineral replenishment, and parts and labour.