Promote staff wellbeing through improved hydration

Reduce your carbon footprint with the removal of pre-bottled alternatives

Hydrate the luqel way

Hydrate The Luqel Way


Give staff the option of a bespoke water experience that suits their personal tastes, thousands of recipe combinations at their fingertips. Unlock peak performance with the Water Balancer App and Smart re-usable bottle.


Protect your people from harmful impurities and bacteria that accumulates on a water dispenser nozzle with our UVC light. The LUQEL Water Station has the highest hygiene integrity.


Reduce your carbon footprint by cutting out costly, unsustainable bottled water. Measure your eco-impact with real-time data collection. Position yourself as a green company taking Corporate Social Responsibility seriously.

Staff water dispensers

wellbeing with intelligent hydration

Ensure peak performance by elevating the basics and installing a LUQEL water dispensing solution that encourages your employees to manage their hydration needs.


Kick Start

With magnesium and sulphate featuring prominently this becomes the perfect boost to start your day with a clear and bright perspective.

Thirst Quencher

A wonderfully refreshing water that perfectly boosts your daily mineral intake with equal levels of magnesium, calcium and sodium.

Tea Time

Smooth mineralisation and restrained calcium content that’s ideal for preparing your favourite tea and getting the most out of its flavour.

Good for them, great for you

Reduce Logistics Costs

No need to replenish costly complementary bottled water.

Promote staff Wellbeing

Ensure your people stay healthy and hydrated so they’re working at their best.

Keep staff safe

Rely on the highest standards of hygiene to elminate any waterbourne bacteria.

Staying hydrated in the workplace

Water has a crucial impact on our well-being, including our mental and physical performance. Register for our e-Guide and learn more about the importance and benefits of hydration in the workspace.

workplace hydration

Our differences

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Partnering Options

Purchase, Lease or Pay-Per-Use

Purchase a LUQEL dispenser outright and add a valuable asset and resource to your workplace.

Spread your payments with a LUQEL dispenser by leasing.

Pay depending on what you are using with Pay-per-use.

All contract options have a service and maintenance programme, including a bi-annual system service, filter exchange, mineral replenishment, and parts and labour.