Sterilising thermal nozzle

Your first and last line of defence against bacteria build up

The drinking water you enjoy could be the freshest, purest H20, but if your dispenser is compromised, so is your hygiene.

LUQEL’s sterilising thermal nozzle prevents bacteria growth from taking hold and protects your water by sanitising the nozzle after each dispense.

 And with thermal disinfection carried out at 95°C, bacteria has zero opportunity to re-enter the LUQEL Water Station.


The innovative sterilising thermal nozzle helps you hydrate with absolute confidence every time you fill up at a LUQEL Water Station.

Automated protection

Thermal disinfection of the nozzle occurs automatically around the clock, so it needn’t disrupt your hydration habits.

Ser it and forget it

The sterilising thermal nozzle is an advanced self-cleaning system that protects you without you having to think about it.

Prevent build-up

Temperatures of 95°C (or 200°F) destroy any opportunity for bacteria to settle on the nozzle – let alone enter the LUQEL Water Station.

Interested in testing our stringent safety measures? Sample some for yourself today.


Since the Covid-19 pandemic, concerns over hygiene and safety are stronger than ever. Automated sanitisation measures like the sterilising thermal nozzle are designed to create a barrier between you and any harmful bacteria.

LUQEL’s thermal technology protects from both internal and external retrograde contamination, caused by everyday human activity such as sneezing or coughing. It greatly reduces the risk of airborne diseases compromising the LUQEL Water Station, ensuring your drinking water is exactly what you’d expect it to be – completely safe.