Thermal Disinfection

The ultimate hygiene system keeping your water safe

Ensuring all-round hygiene for your LUQEL Water Station, the specially engineered thermal disinfection measures protect your drinking water 24/7.

Designed to destroy any bacteria growth within the system, thermal disinfection utilises high temperatures and measured applications of heat to cleanse the LUQEL Water Station from the inside out.


LUQEL’s thermal disinfection measures allow you to enjoy clean, delicious mineral water whenever you’re ready to hydrate. It’s an integral part of our rigorous approach to water safety and hygiene.

Automated protection

Thermal disinfection occurs automatically and out of hours, so it needn’t disrupt your hydration habits.

Hands-free hygiene

Forget about manual cleaning rotas – the LUQEL Water Station is self-cleaning and safe to use at all times.

Preventative action

Scalding heat and smart technology eliminate bacterial growth inside pipes in the event of any water residue.


There’s a reason we’re warned not to eat leftover food unless it’s piping hot throughout. Bacteria and other harmful microorganisms thrive in certain temperatures, and your water sources are no exception.

Stay out of the danger zone

Bacteria can thrive in a wide range of temperatures, specifically between 4°C and 60°. This is where bacteria growth can occur.

Some like it hot

According to the World Health Organization, bacteria are rapidly killed at temperatures above 65°C but may survive below that. 

Turn up the heat

When it comes to keeping consumables free from harmful bacteria like Legionella, they need to be heated to temperatures of 70°C.

The LUQEL Water Dispenser will routinely reach temperatures of up to 95°C  in order to disinfect itself completely. As the famous saying goes; if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the expertly engineered mineral water station.