Mineral water that’s saving the world

Keeping plastics out of our oceans and waterways

LUQEL was created with the simple mission: to replace the need for single-use plastic bottles. You don’t need to harm the planet to unlock the benefits of hydrating with clean, perfectly balanced mineralised water.

Why compromise on convenience?

Why compromise on convenience?

The fate of our world’s oceans and water supply rests on a knife’s edge. The decisions we make now will determine the state of the planet for the next 10,000 years. Global warming, rising sea levels, and large-scale microplastic pollution concerns us all.

Despite all this, when we’re thirsty for something clean, refreshing and refrigerated, we reach for a plastic bottle of mineral water. Why? Because its convenient and there was no viable alternative until now.

Organisations should be able to offer their people the highest standard in hydration without harming the environment.

By partnering with LUQEL, you can actively help protect the planet from further damage. You can offer your people more choice, taste, and flexibility while supporting your commitment to sustainability.

5 billion plastic bottles

5 billion plastic bottles 

If you’re going to put effort into achieving something amazing, why not go all in?

There will always be an appetite for healthy, high quality mineral water served just the way people like it.

As an organisation, you shouldn’t have to invest in harmful, single-use plastics to meet that demand.

LUQEL and our growing global community of incredible partners are committed to reducing the global consumption of plastic bottles by 5 billion from 2026.

So, how is this possible?

No need for plastic

Our water is designed to be enjoyed using the intelligent Water Bottle, replacing the demand for single-use plastic bottles.

Tap water transformed

The Water Station replaces the need for prebottled mineral water bottled at the source and transported worldwide, ensuring we create a smaller carbon footprint.

Cleaner oceans

Fewer plastic bottles in circulation means less microplastic entering our oceans and global water systems, reducing contamination. 

Join us on our mission and become part of a powerful change toward a cleaner and more sustainable world.

We’ve got less than 5 years to make the world’s oceans a better place. Let’s get started.

Make sustainability part of your purpose

Make sustainability part of your purpose

Sustainability is swiftly becoming the number one priority to many people. So what if you could show your employees and customers that it’s part of your corporate purpose too?

Talk to us and discover how delicious, eco-friendly hydration is great for the planet, your people and your profit margin.