Self Cleaning Functionality

Take a truly hygienic hydration experience for granted

The comprehensive self-cleaning feature of every LUQEL Water Station is designed to both work exceptionally well, and to be completely forgotten about on a day to day basis.


Forget taking the machine apart to give it a thorough scrubbing – the LUQEL Water Station is designed to do it all for you (and to a far higher standard of hygiene, too).

Machine-wide hygiene

The comprehensive system wideflush removes all standing or stagnant water, neutralising any threat of bacterial growth.

Automated protection

Thermal disinfection occurs automatically and out of hours, eliminating any bacteria build-up inside the Water Station.

Professional sanitation

The intelligent self-cleaning features keep your LUQEL Water Station safe between our twice-yearly sanitation service.

Interested in testing our stringent safety measures? Sample some for yourself today.

Eradicate the risk of Legionella

Legionella is a waterborne bacteria that is the cause of illnesses such as Legionnaires’ disease. A pathogen that can thrive in water that is left standing in pipes, Legionella can do serious damage once airborne and inhaled or otherwise consumed.

While it’s rare for Legionella to occur in a water system, the only way to prevent it is with consistent, rigorous internal cleaning measures. LUQEL Water Station completes an automatic thermal flush of piping hot water at least once a day, killing off all harmful bacteria.