What exactly does

it take to innovate?

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Upon seeing existing approaches to filtration, taste and sustainability, our innovators realised there needed to be a better way. And just like that, the world’s most intelligent sustainable hydration system was born.

Refreshing how we hydrate

Refreshing how we hydrate


What does it take for water to become your favourite flavour? Discover your perfect recipe and unlock the true potential of the humble glass of H2O.


Forget single-use plastics. You don’t need to harm the world’s waterways or compromise your organisation’s ethics to enjoy clean, perfectly balanced mineral water.


When your health is at stake, there’s no room for error. Discover how revolutionary HYDRONAR® filtration technology protects you from pollutants and harmful bacteria.

An intelligent approach to hydration

Dive into a whole new world of smart water hydration. Create and store personal water recipes in the app, stay at peak hydration with a LUQEL bottle that’s uniquely attuned to you, and select from thousands of preference options for the perfect blend of water.

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we know whats in our water

We filter all contaminants and impurities from ordinary tap water to create a pure base water, we then remineralise this water to create 30 different water recipes. That means wherever you are, no matter the quality of your water, we guarantee great tasting water.

Water fuels performances

Forget the fridge full of plastic bottled beverages in the kitchen. Offer your people the opportunity to dive into an immersive world of intelligent hydration and performance, productivity and morale gets topped up too.