The Water Station

Your new home for hydration

If you were asked what your favourite meal is, you’d know exactly how to answer. But how about your favourite water recipe? Discover a taste that’s just your cup of tea and unlock the secrets of peak hydration with an intelligent Water Station that knows you inside out.

Intelligent hydration

Intelligent hydration


Enjoy a pure water experience that’s free from microplastics, heavy metals, organic contaminants and other pollutants thanks to patented HYDRONAR® technology.

Incredible taste

By introducing bespoke blends of liquid minerals post-filtration, the water you enjoy from the Water Station isn’t just delicious – it’s precisely to your own personal taste.

Optimised hygiene

Hygiene is a high priority, and the Water Station delivers. Rigorous and highly responsive self-cleaning measures ensure the Station remains absolutely safe for everyone using it.

Personal Control

Whatever your preference, enjoy water that’s exactly as you’d like it. Still, sparkling or something in between, enjoyed at any temperature between super chilled and steaming hot.



Forgot your favourite recipe? The Water Station simply needs to tap into its intelligent hydrosystem, asking your Water Bottle and app exactly how you like your water.

Planet earth


No need to ship single-use bottles thousands of air miles to enjoy delicious mineral water. Get the same elevated experience by transforming your tap water, reducing your carbon footprint.



Every Water Station is monitored remotely and in real time, ensuring optimum performance, reactive repairs if things go wrong, and an exceptional quality consumer experience.

The Water Station

Hot, Cold, Still, Sparkling

30 unique recipes

Plastic-free from locally sourced water

Water enriched with natural minerals for individual needs

Low-germ surfaces thanks to stainless steel and hygiene-conscious design

Perfect, pollution free water

Award winning design:
Standout from the crowd

Counter top or freestanding

Up to 2L of cold water per minute

Easy-to-use touchscreen display 

Manage your water station from your desk

One app to manage your hydration and preferences

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