The Smart Water Bottle

Hydration that’s unique to you

Staying perfectly hydrated is all very well, but how do you know what that looks like for you? The LUQEL Water Bottle optimises your water intake down to the millilitre and remembers your favourite recipes.



Intuitive NFC technology

The Water Bottle uses intelligent NFC communication to monitor your water intake. Your bottle helps to alert you when it’s time to hydrate with your favourite water recipes via the Water Station.”

Hygienic, sustainable design

Keep your water free from microplastics whichever Water Bottle you hydrate with. Choose from the completely plastic-free stainless steel or glass models.

Engineered for hot or cold

Like it hot? Keep it that way with the Water Bottle that stores your beverage at the perfect temperature. 12 hours for hot liquids and 14 hours for cold.

The perfect seal

Fans of sparkling water don’t have to compromise on fizz with the iron-tight screw cap design, sealing any water – sparkling or otherwise – safely inside.

Designed for life on the go

Designed for life on the go

A reusable bottle is an investment in sustainability and practicality. That’s why we created the LUQEL Water Bottle with life in mind.

Pick the size and capacity that suits you and choose from sleek stainless steel or elegant glass.

Engineered with durable, fade-resistant borosilicate glass, the aesthetically pleasing Glass Water Bottle is available with a 350ml or 550ml capacity.

Or go for the Stainless Steel Bottle, a firm favourite that keeps your water ice cold or piping hot, available in both a 500ml or 700ml capacity.

And don’t fret the tech, every inch of the Water Bottle is completely dishwasher safe.