The Water Balancer

Your personal water coach

Ever ignored that glass of water on your desk only to be hit with a headache later on? Stay on top of your hydration and at peak performance with the Water Balancer app. Store your favourite recipes and receive intuitive reminders to hydrate with water that’s exactly to your taste.

Intelligent hydration

Intelligent hydration


The app is just one part of our intelligent hydrosystem, communicating with the Water Station and Bottle to support workspace wellbeing.

An intelligent

Our hydration model uses innovative and personalised algorithms to calculate your unique water needs, ensuring you never even feel thirsty.

The perfect amount of water

Balance the demands of a busy life with keeping healthy and hydrated by relying on the intuitive water coach functionality to keep thirst at bay.

Manage & Monitor


Your Personal Water Coach

  • Input and track your daily water intake
  • Record your daily activity and log workouts
  • Stay hydrated with intuitive reminders
  • Monitor vital health data and reach new goals
  • Personalise and save your favourite recipes
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