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The next generation of smart water

The next generation of smart water

There’s a new world of possibilities when it comes to enjoying water your own way. The LUQEL Hydrosystem is a digital combination of the Water Station, App and Bottle, creating water as individual as you are.



Water Station

An intelligent hub for personal hydration that allows consumers to design and enjoy their favourite water recipes, whatever temperature, taste and carbonation level.

Water Bottle

As smart as it is stylish, the LUQEL Water Bottle has intelligent NFC technology that communicates with your app to keep you at peak hydration with your favourite recipes.

Water Balancer App

Explore and personalise new water recipes, rate your favourite recipe, and keep yourself hydrated. The Water Balancer app is your own personal water sommelier and hydration health coach.

Using LUQEL hydration app

User engaging hydration

The LUQEL Hydrosystem is all about getting people engaged and excited to hydrate, we do this through a 360º digital experience.

The intuitive interface allows you to easily select and customise your favourites recipes, which you can then store on you Water Balancer App and link to your Smart Bottle.

Delivering the new way to enjoy water whilst supporting you with notifications to stay hydrated.


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Partnering Options

Purchase, Lease or Pay-Per-Use

Purchase a LUQEL dispenser outright and add a valuable asset and resource to your workplace.

Spread your payments with a LUQEL dispenser by leasing.

Pay depending on what you are using with Pay-per-use.

All contract options have a service and maintenance programme, including a bi-annual system service, filter exchange, mineral replenishment, and parts and labour.