Individual water for our performance

Importance of drinking water

Continuous water supply keeps the body in balance


At birth, the human body consists of up to 80 percent water. In the course of our lifetime, this proportion decreases to about 50 percent. Only with a continuous and sufficient supply of water can it master the challenges of everyday life.

The importance of water for our body

A water deficit has a negative effect on our physical and mental performance. The negative effects of drinking too little water can range from constipation and headaches to an increased risk of heart attacks and strokes. The ability to concentrate is also reduced if there is a water deficit in the body. People then find it increasingly difficult to grasp complex tasks. For this reason, many experts also agree that a balanced water intake should be ensured, especially in learning phases, such as at school. It is not enough to simply drink directly after the loss of fluid. Drinking evenly throughout the day keeps the body in balance.

There are many assumptions as to how much water we should drink per day. Probably the best known rule of thumb is: 2 litres of water a day. However, this is a very general rule and does not apply to everyone. The amount of water needed depends strongly on the individuals activity level. In addition, continuous drinking of water is often forgotten. Because what few people know is that the feeling of thirst is already an alarm signal of the body. If you want to make sure that you are always sufficiently hydrated, you can use apps to support you. The LUQEL Water Balancer takes into account factors such as physical activity, ambient temperature and others. 


(using the example of an adult weighing 70 kg)

Water lossSymptoms
1 % of the body weight (= approx. 0.8 litres)Light thirsty feeling
2 % of the body weight (= approx. 1.5 litres)Reduction of endurance performance, restriction of mental performance
3 - 5 % of body weight (= approx. 2 to 4 litres)Dry skin/mucosal membranes, reduced saliva/urine flow, reduction of strength
More than 5% of body weight (= approx. 4 litres or more) Circulatory symptoms (pulse high, blood pressure low)
By 10 % of body weight (= from 7.5 litres)Mental disorders (confusion, disorientation), seizures
By 15 % of body weight (= approx. 11 litres)Death due to multiple organ failure

Source: IDM - Information Centre German Mineral Water

Physically active people in particular must keep an eye on the correct water supply. It is not just a question of the quantity. In football, for example, you can lose up to three litres of fluid on average in 90 minutes. As the body loses fluid, important nutrients are also lost. Water fulfills three basic functions in the body: it supplies nutrients, water keeps the substances in solution in the body and transports them, and consumables are excreted from the body with the water. The importance of drinking enough water is also reflected in the water content of individual human organs. The lungs, for example, consist of about 80 percent water, the heart has a water content of about 79 percent and in the lymphs it is up to 95 percent. The water content supports the organs in their natural function.

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